Hi Friend!

I’m Cassandra, the owner and creator of The Soap Quarry & Co. I’m a wife and working mom with two kiddos, and I have a passion for wellness and nature. 

My journey started out rather serendipitously... yet after creating my first batch of soap I was hooked and couldn’t wait to make something else. I became obsessed with formulating and creating and before I knew it, I was all in on making my own bath and body care products and excited to share them with my loves ones.

I love hand picking every ingredient from skin nourishing oils and butters, to color and scent, and bringing it all together to create beautiful hand crafted goodness that my friends and family will love.

My mission is to create beautiful naturally based self care and bath products that transform your daily routine into a full on experience and my hope is that you love using them as much as I love making them.